About Us

Yatima Group Trust Fund

How we started

It all started after the death of three relatives (blood sisters &brothers) of the Chairperson, Mama Winifrida Lubanza. The deceased left behind a total of 16 orphans which were in hands of the Mama Winifrida Lubanza. She appealed for assistance from different relief agencies and individuals including the Second Retired President of the Republic of Tanzania Hon. Alhaj Ally Hassan Mwinyi. After all these efforts, she was eventually advised to find other people with the same problem and form an agency which will facilitate channeling of the needed assistance to orphans.
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Simple & Humble Beginning

Mama Winifrida thereafter convened several meetings with the sympathizers who had similar problems. Through these meetings a constitution of Yatima Group Trust Fund was thereby written by seven founder trustees, adapted and later endorsed for registration with the Trustees Incorporation Ordinance (Cap. 375) under Administrator General in the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs in 7th of March 2001 after accomplishing necessary formalities and approval by the Temeke district (Municipal Council) authorities.

Mama Winifrida Lubanza

Mama Winifrida Lubanza, an energetic woman with high personal integrity, good mother to children, reliable in supporting and enabling team effort to produce long-term sustainable development. She possesses an experience of more than 20 years in caring of Orphans and vulnerable children; she has also attended various workshops and training concerning childcare and managing orphans successfully. She was awarded certificate of competency in childcare and HIV/AIDS training.Mama Winifrida Lubanza is among the three founders of Yatima Group Trust Fund, (YGTF) and also the Para-social worker of Temeke municipality.



Mr. Fred George Njegeja

Mr. Fred George Njegeja is Persistent, Flexible, Dependable, Skilled and Hardworking man and He is able to relate and create trust in all. Mr. Njegeja has experience of more than 20 years of leading in community based development programs withCentral Government of United Republic of Tanzania; and in a variety of international and local organizations. Currently as Secretary General of YGTF, Mr. Fred Njegeja is responsible for the overall management of YGTF strategic and operation issues to ensure YGTF’s Vision, mission and objectives are realized.



Mr. Haruna Mtandika

He has a big experience in the same field, self-motivated and has dedicated his entire knowledge and skills in achieving the best off at his commitments. Mr. Haruna Ally Mtandika is also another member of the founding of the Yatima Group Trust Fund. Mr. Haruna plays a significant role in every aspect of the YGTF financial procedures and controls. He is serving fulltime voluntary in this position for Twenty years.



Mr. Joshua John Ngoko

SpecialistMr. Joshua John Ngoko is concerning with Computer training and repair at Chamazi Orphanage Centre. He assists in the logistical coordination of school children and volunteers from different parts of the country and abroad. Joshua graduated from high school in 2000, he came on staff at Chamazi Orphanage Centre in 2010 as a children student administrator to date.



strategic objectives

To care and support for the neglected and abandoned children at the Chamazi orphanage centre through purchasing beddings, clothes, provision of food and shelter

To provide education support to orphans and children from dangerous environment at Chamazi Orphanage Centre through provision of school fees, scholastic materials, uniforms, psychosocial care and support.


Strengthening YGTF institutional organs, staffing and systems to ensure continuous learning and an effective and efficient requisite organizational to carry out activities


To improve the healthof orphans and vulnerable children at the orphanage centre in Chamazi, Dar es salaam and entire Tanzania as a whole through providing information on health, hygiene and nutrition and ARV therapy


What We Do

“Mobilize resources for addressing the challenges facing orphans and enable them realize their full potential through promoting programs on education.

Education & Health

Educating children and adolescents to acquire skills for their future development by covering all the school required needs.

Counselling services

Available for people of all ages especially adolescents and children through YGTF programs.

Living Skills program

Crucial for young people especially for the older boys & girls placed in the YGTF life program.

Psychosocial support

Psychosocial support to reduce stigma associated with these children.

Resources draft

Mobilize resources for addressing the challenges facing orphans.

Potential realization

Let them realize their full potential through promoting programs.