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The organization is operating its activities through the organization Bank Account.

What are types of volunteers is the orphanage seeking (any specific skills) and how should potential volunteers apply?

The orphanage does not have specific type or skills for volunteers at the orphanage, though the greatest qualification of the volunteer is to really love these orphans.

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How should potential families seeking to adopt a child proceed? Are there any national guidelines or regulations they should be familiar with?

Adoption of a child in Tanzania is allowed. Are there any national guidelines or regulations you would need to be familiar with?

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Are there any “success stories”

Are there any “success stories” that we can highlight of children who have gone on to achieve a university education or employment? If so could we have a photo, name and a brief background on their story?


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Can we have a photo of each child and their names?

Can we have a photo of each child and their names, age and a bit on their background (when they arrived at orphanage, their interests and characters, etc)

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Any general photos of the orphanages activities

The Yatima Trust Fund would really love to have your comments and ideas and would also love to share with yuo all the activities done woth our happy children..

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University Sponsored Orphans

The organization managed to help 247 orphans to receive their degrees and got employed by the government .

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